Marcus Hiles is a long-time property developer, who has been frequently featured in the real-estate pages of the national media. His developments, such as Grand Estates Woodland, Estates at Briggs Ranch and Mansions 3Eighty, have all been designed to offer the resident all the comforts and conveniences of modern urban living, while being situated in economically prosperous and naturally beautiful parts of the country. The complexes offer amenities such as community clubs, bars, shops, wi-fi zones to work, health centers, mail rooms and medical facilities. No wonder then that people are moving there in droves.

Indeed, as companies look to expand their sphere of influence and create opportunities for themselves to increase their profit margins – primarily through finding cheaper parcels of land on which to construct offices and factories, warehouses and retail outlets than is available in urban centres – so is demand created for an educated and skilled workforce to follow them away from the cities and into the country. Marcus Hiles is known as being a visionary businessman, who offers opportunities for people with a strong aspiration  towards transforming their existing lifestyle.Not for nothing is he known as Marcus Hiles, entrepreneur, philanthropist and environmental protector.

Although some might see such projects as being slices of suburbia transported into remote locations, their importance to the local economies cannot be underestimated. Bringing a young, diverse, family-orientated group of professionals to an area can only have a positive economic effect. Local  businesses are thriving, and are thereby attracting new businesses to the area. The complexes are usually situated next to areas that provide excellent facilities for pursuing outdoor activities, such as biking, hiking, bird-watching and running.

Many of the locations in Texas are also prime positioned for the golf enthusiast, being located next to some of America’s finest PGA designed golf courses. Whilst they offer the rural lifestyle in abundance, these complexes never drift too far into the wilderness. Most are located within driving distance of urban centres, should one ever get the taste to once again drink in the vibrancy of a big city. It is well worth searching through the Texas news pages to appreciate the vision of Marcus Hiles, Developer, because he really has successfully catered for the demand of a rising workforce with very particular lifestyle aspirations. His estates are eco-friendly, thoughtfully designed, adorned with modern furnishings and  stylish interior design. They are safe, friendly and welcoming communities- so expect to see many more people flock to such places in the very near future.