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Marcus Hiles on Texas Macroeconomic Growth

Estates neighborhoods are gated and deliver chic-style all-elevator access, along with deluxe outdoor and community areas. Each has a resort-style swimming pool and tanning deck, on-demand concierge service, and high-tech fitness center. The brand’s richly appointed apartments and townhomes, combined with resort-style amenities,…


Hiles’ Communities Aim To Maximize Work-Life Balance

Marcus Hiles advises renters to seek luxury amenities, and his sage advice comes from expertise in building rental properties which embody such a lifestyle. “When renters choose to live in communities that align with their lifestyles, they achieve a greater work-life balance,” he…


Marcus Hiles Fights For Residents’ Access To Energy Efficiency

  As a developer fully aware of rising energy costs, Marcus Hiles wholeheartedly endorses renters’ and buyers’ insistence on having the latest ENERGY STAR rated appliances in their homes. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR voluntary labeling and certification program has become…


Hiles, Western Rim To Continue Planting 2,500 Trees Annually

Property development expert, Marcus Hiles announced he will continue to plant 2,500 trees every year to help the environment. This initiative is part of Hiles’ company, Western Rim Property Services, goal to develop sustainable communities throughout the area. As its founder and CEO,…


Marcus Hiles Lists Ways To Lower Your Energy Bill

When temperatures peak and air conditioners work overtime, Marcus Hiles identifies traditional roofing insulation as the culprit. A home’s roof absorbs the sun’s radiant energy, and in turn heats the attic and air ducts, which increases cooling costs. He reasons that, in contrast,…