Marcus Hiles - On Rapidly Changing Trends in Architectural Design

Marcus Hiles – On Rapidly Changing Trends in Architectural Design

Flexibility has become an unavoidable reality, and Marcus Hiles notes that homes are being designed with open layout floor plans and adjustable flats that can easily be converted to accommodate the needs of growing families. The idea of three-dimensional implied spaces—literal surfaces where painting or drawing is created by different materials or colors found in ceilings or floors—is a modern way of making interiors look seemingly larger without a need for traditional blockage in the form of multiple walls. Breaking the ice of old constructs is what cutting-edge design is all about: wider windows allow for more daylight and can undoubtedly replace walls, while helping to connect the indoors with the outside world. In order to make homes more pleasant and comfortable places to be, hot tubs, fitness areas and spas have been brought inside private residences, turning relaxation and fitness into easily reachable pleasure just seconds away from your couch. And as the popularity of cooking gourmet-worthy meals has grown, so have kitchens: with restaurant-like amenities and furniture, kitchens are typically allotted additional overall square footage and have become the core of the household, overtaking dining and living rooms as the place families gather to spend quality time while eating together.

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