American cities owe their fast growth to public parks and wilderness preservation because they are key to improving the health and well-being of the residents in communities. A study by the U.S Centre for Disease Control (CDC) on the subject concluded the positive correlation between access to community areas and the promotion of exercise and physical activities. The existence of a recreational space in a community serves as prompt to the residents that inspire them to move about and have fun with other people. A community that plans to create a park is investing in favor of the resident’s growth in lifestyle as it also serves as a center for recreation. Marcus Miles sees the importance of  recreation, which is why he has helped many Texas cities build their own spaces for leisure as his gift. His love for beautiful spaces is the reason why he wants to build more community parks. This could be observed in the activities of his businesses that advocate multitudes of tree-planting activities. Communities with recreational parks are more conducive to growth, health, and are closer to nature.

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