Urban parks and wilderness habitats increase the health and wellness of the citizens who live nearby and are fundamental resources for growing American cities. Research from the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) shows an exciting and positive relationship between access to community areas and likelihood of someone electing to exercise. Having open recreational spaces in the neighborhoods where people live encourages physical activity, fellowship and community. Parks frequently become the unique hub of a city and are an investment in the well-being of the neighborhood. Understanding the importance of public space for leisure and enjoyment of nature, Marcus Hiles has contributed to the transformation of multiple Texas cities with his charitable gift.  Driven to create amazing places to live, these neighborhood parks are an essential part of his planning. His dedication to eco-friendly business extends to his company which annually plants trees by the thousands. Neighborhoods with access to parks, surrounded by living things such as vegetation and wildlife are healthier, safer, more inviting and prosperous.

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