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Marcus Hiles On Nature’s Influence On His Communities

Every project of Western Rim Property Services must go through severe control of Marcus Hiles on whether it there are enough green spaces and whether the project is as nature-friendly as possible. Trees, vegetation and open green spaces are an inevitable part of…


Marcus Hiles Generously Provides Parcels For Urban Green Spaces In Texas

Urban parks and wilderness habitats increase the health and wellness of the citizens who live nearby and are fundamental resources for growing American cities. Research from the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) shows an exciting and positive relationship between access to community…


Marcus Hiles Develops Almost 60 Acres of Land for Community Parks

American cities owe their fast growth to public parks and wilderness preservation because they are key to improving the health and well-being of the residents in communities. A study by the U.S Centre for Disease Control (CDC) on the subject concluded the positive…


Marcus Hiles – Upscale Amenities At Affordable Prices

More and more citizens of the United States are deciding to lease instead of buying new properties. This number is expected to get bigger each year, at least until 2023. The growing demand for high-class properties must be matched with great offers. When…


The Reasons Behind Houston’s Demographic Growth – Marcus Hiles

The growing municipality of Houston positions as the fourth greatest metro run in the United States, ranking behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. More that half of Fortune 500 energy companies are headquartered here, giving Houston an unrivaled advantage in the overall…


Marcus Hiles Offers Options For Modern, Comfortable Lifestyle

As the preference for delayed home buying continues, Marcus Hiles expects continued growth for his communities and their residents. Rental property has grown in acceptability across all income levels, and amenities such as business centers, fitness centers, meeting rooms, swimming pools, and lounges…


Marcus Hiles Discusses Renting As Better Option For Budget-Conscious Residents

Marcus Hiles Discusses Renting As Better Option For Budget-Conscious Residents

Mortgage figures have climbed roughly half a percentage point to a 16-month high, a result of many shifting economic factors, and ”adding hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars to a home buyer’s yearly payments,” according to New York Times writers Patricia Cohen and Conor…


Marcus Hiles Bringing Affordable Luxury To Dallas

Resort-style amenities are featured at several of Marcus Hiles Dallas communities including swimming pools with tanning decks and outdoor gourmet barbecue areas where young professionals and other residents can enjoy the relaxed Texas environment. By design, the complexes promote a sense of community,…


Marcus Hiles Builds Energy Efficient Features Into Residential Units

Marcus Hiles’ rental homes, townhomes and apartments incorporate energy efficient features without sacrificing upscale amenities. The roof of each building includes highly reflective radiant barrier sheathing that can reduce heat transfer by nearly 97 percent, and cut indoor temperatures by 30 degrees. High-quality…


Marcus Hiles Supporting Youth Initiatives

While the magnet schools throughout Dallas’ affluential suburban areas are among the country’s best public high schools, with world-class instructors and facilities, the inner city district portrays a starkly different reality, and reflects what is becoming an epidemic in the nation’s urban communities:…