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Marcus Hiles Bringing Affordable Luxury To Dallas

Resort-style amenities are featured at several of Marcus Hiles Dallas communities including swimming pools with tanning decks and outdoor gourmet barbecue areas where young professionals and other residents can enjoy the relaxed Texas environment. By design, the complexes promote a sense of community,…


Marcus Hiles Builds Energy Efficient Features Into Residential Units

Marcus Hiles’ rental homes, townhomes and apartments incorporate energy efficient features without sacrificing upscale amenities. The roof of each building includes highly reflective radiant barrier sheathing that can reduce heat transfer by nearly 97 percent, and cut indoor temperatures by 30 degrees. High-quality…


Marcus Hiles Supporting Youth Initiatives

While the magnet schools throughout Dallas’ affluential suburban areas are among the country’s best public high schools, with world-class instructors and facilities, the inner city district portrays a starkly different reality, and reflects what is becoming an epidemic in the nation’s urban communities:…


Marcus Hiles – On Rapidly Changing Trends in Architectural Design

Flexibility has become an unavoidable reality, and Marcus Hiles notes that homes are being designed with open layout floor plans and adjustable flats that can easily be converted to accommodate the needs of growing families. The idea of three-dimensional implied spaces—literal surfaces where…


Marcus Hiles Donates $250K To After School Programs

Steady work in a good-paying job is a building block of security, but in addition to this there is an equal need to ensure the safety and well-being of children. Marcus Hiles, of Dallas, has made significant contributions to meal programs as well…


Marcus Hiles- Creations Emphasize Complexity of Cellulose Sound Insulation

One of the immense satisfaction of the 21st century is a sense of secrecy. In all of the appealing rental homes, townhomes, and apartments founded by Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Property Services, tenants indulge in the soothing of a quiet living environment.…


Realty Expert Marcus Hiles Discuss Trends in Modern Homes

Marcus Hiles explains how eco-friendly, conservation minded methods are leading the way. Utilizing rooftop collection systems, rainwater can be harvested and moisture in the air redirected for storage in an on-site treatment well. Previously used wastewater, known as graywater, can be repurposed and…


Marcus Hiles – Texas Best Practices towards Economic Growth

If Texas were a sovereign country, with its gross domestic product of USD 1,414 trillion it would count for the world’s twelfth largest economy. Real estate developer and investor Marcus Hiles credits the Lone Star state’s impressive portfolio to its unmatched commitment to…


Hiles Encourages Even Brief Exercise For Western Rim Residents

Marcus Hiles encourages Texan renters to reside in locations containing footpaths, explaining that tenants who take advantage of even mild amounts of exercise on the paths enjoy healthier lives. A 2008 study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine provides further proof, suggesting…


Marcus Hiles on Texas Macroeconomic Growth

Estates neighborhoods are gated and deliver chic-style all-elevator access, along with deluxe outdoor and community areas. Each has a resort-style swimming pool and tanning deck, on-demand concierge service, and high-tech fitness center. The brand’s richly appointed apartments and townhomes, combined with resort-style amenities,…