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Marcus Hiles Discusses High-Class Amenities

Marcus Hiles graduated from Pepperdine and Rice Universities. As a consequence, he is deeply committed to education and he believes that every child has a right to be educated regardless of their financial status or level of privilege. With the desire to contribute…


The Reasons Behind Houston’s Demographic Growth – Marcus Hiles

The growing municipality of Houston positions as the fourth greatest metro run in the United States, ranking behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. More that half of Fortune 500 energy companies are headquartered here, giving Houston an unrivaled advantage in the overall…


Marcus Hiles Discusses Growth Of Dallas Economy

Texas, from a local perspective, has enacted no shortage of development. Homes are being developed at their fastest pace in nearly a decade in Dallas-Fort Worth, and studies by the University of Texas show that the job market has consistently trended positively in…