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Marcus Hiles On Nature’s Influence On His Communities

Every project of Western Rim Property Services must go through severe control of Marcus Hiles on whether it there are enough green spaces and whether the project is as nature-friendly as possible. Trees, vegetation and open green spaces are an inevitable part of…


Marcus Hiles Develops Almost 60 Acres of Land for Community Parks

American cities owe their fast growth to public parks and wilderness preservation because they are key to improving the health and well-being of the residents in communities. A study by the U.S Centre for Disease Control (CDC) on the subject concluded the positive…


Marcus Hiles Offers Options For Modern, Comfortable Lifestyle

As the preference for delayed home buying continues, Marcus Hiles expects continued growth for his communities and their residents. Rental property has grown in acceptability across all income levels, and amenities such as business centers, fitness centers, meeting rooms, swimming pools, and lounges…


Marcus Hiles, Developer

Marcus Hiles is a long-time property developer, who has been frequently featured in the real-estate pages of the national media. His developments, such as Grand Estates Woodland, Estates at Briggs Ranch and Mansions 3Eighty, have all been designed to offer the resident all…


Marcus Hiles, Houston, Real Estate

Marcus Hiles has overseen the development of over 25,000 apartments and homes since  launching the successful Texas-based property developer Western Rim Property Services. What lies at the heart of his success is constantly reassessing and refining an admirable vision and philosophy which runs…